Parallels automation

Cloudwork helps your business on a technical level in the transitioning to selling through the cloud. For this, we use a five step plan.

Five step process


1. Business objectives – setting business goals

We start with a workshop to find what is to be achieved. We give insights in the options of the open cloud platform, determine the business opportunities, and we identify what steps are involved in moving your business from a transactional to a recurring model.

2. Parallels onboarding – setting up the Parallels environment

The next step is technical integration of your business in the Open Cloud Store where we setup the Parallels environment for service access. We enroll your business to the platform and products are added. If needed, we do customization. A working product is delivered.

3. Service plans – how to sell it

Because we want our clients to achieve maximum results, we provide a workshop on how to sell the products with success. This workshop includes creating product packages (or service plans) for your target audience.

4. Setup business – adding the products

This is a technical process in which we configure the service plans in Parallels so that your resellers can start selling.

5. Training – billing, support and product knowledge

Finally, we train the reseller in optimal use of the new functionality. Here, the focus is on billing, support and product knowledge.