APS Parallels

APS is short for Application Packaging Standard. The standard makes it possible to transform any online deliverable service into something that can be sold. It is possible to package anything as long as it can be provisioned online. Energy contracts, call center services or even government services can be included.

These APS services can be combined together in a commercial package. Commercial packaging broadens your product range and gives opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. It is now possible to combine for example a full business at home package with internet from vendor A, telephony from vendor B, and energy from vendor C.

Also existing web-applications can be attached a cloud channel by packaging it into an APS. No need to rebuild the whole software for SaaS, you can use the existing software. The APS environment will help you manage it and supply updates. You can also start working with upsell of individual modules and trial versions online.

We help you create the wholesale model needed for theĀ APS, implement the package, test and validate it. In the mean time we will market the module and distribute it to reseller platforms to get a quick go to market. Your application could be available in over 1000 reseller outlets soon. And because of the reusability of the package it can be duplicated to 100s of platforms internationally.