Platform Technology

Cloudwork Integration Vision

No online service can exist alone nowadays. Cloudwork sees the cloud as a group on demand integrated services that provide a rich user experience.  You can login to an application using a Google account, send out mails using MailChimp and share this to other employees using LinkedIn.

This process of binding into services and enriching the core value is what we call ‘platformation’. It is growing from a single monolith to an open environment that integrates and allows integration with.

Basically a modern cloud application has three integration points:

  • frontend : unlock of functionality to integrate application functions into other environments. This can be a widget like structure where the application flow is totally fixed or an open REST api allowing programmers to build their own interface.
  • enrichment services : any service that extends the interaction and can be plugged. Examples are login using Janrain, Adobe Analytics, share using Twitter.
  • backend : advanced data analysis services for Big Data, transactional services and data enhancement services.


In all cases external parties can be asked to join the platform. This allows integration of very specific tools that can be added by the customer. The optimal form of a platform includes an App Store integrating paid functionality. On the frontend external parties can optimise the user experience for their customers. In all cases it is important that these external parties can earn money using your platform.

Setting up the integration vision and kick off a platformation process requires joint effort from technology thinkers, marketeers and industry specialists. Since it is the platform that you sell the developers become the next generation of customers who will pay you in the form of new functionality.