Who we are

Victor Schmedding – Commercial Change Agent 

Victor is a natural business developer and makes creative connections across verticals. He really enjoys connecting people and companies to get a fire started. He is able to think strategically and make the translation to the operational level. Victor is a people person who is interested in other people and brings atmoshpere to companies and teams. He loves combining humor with deep logic. Open to share with others.

Victor started his career at IBM in various sales and sales management positions involving complex sales cycles assembling business and IT for IBM software solutions. Then he experienced the entire WAP hype as a business delevopment manager WAP at Nokia. Victor decided to change this job for a role as sales director corporate accounts at Ben/T-Mobile where he built their footprint in the business market. When this was a success, Victor started working at Microsoft to develop the communication sector.


Jaap Gorjup – Techno Change Agent

Jaap is an innovation driven expert interested in distributed computing and cloud services. According to him IT should be ubiquitous hence blend seamlessly into life and work thru commoditization of all IT resources and moving from a requirement to a proposition based approach. Jaap is a positive guy that likes to think in options instead of problems. Happy to help people getting ahead and improving. He is a strategic thinker focussing on the longer term goals with passion and ambition.

Jaap created his first working line of code when he was 10 and delivered his first software project at 13. Years later he started working in telecom and web projects for research and as an architect. He built software and defined architectures for several sectors like publishing, energy, finance, e-commerce and government ranging from CMS, self-service, e-banking to identify management. About 8 years ago he started on architectures to drastically decouple software for the internet and scaling. Getting rid of the dogmatic ways of software defined in layers and getting to a new paradigm that fit seamlessly with the Cloud.