Platform concepting and consulting

Cloudwork’s consultants have a wealth of experience on advising, creating and delivering cloud solutions in the telecom, software and online industry. We can help you with your digital strategy, concepting and (commercial) implementation. No online service can exist alone nowadays. Cloudwork sees the cloud as a group on demand integrated services that provide a rich user experience. This process of binding into services and enriching the core value is what we call ‘platformation’. By building a digital platform, other businesses can easily connect their business with yours, build products and services on top of it, and co-create value.

The rise of platforms is being driven by three transformative technologies: cloud, social, and mobile. The cloud enables a global infrastructure for production, allowing anyone to create content and applications for a global audience. Social networks connect people globally and maintain their identity online. Mobile allows connection to this global infrastructure anytime, anywhere. The result is a globally accessible network of entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers who are available to create businesses, contribute content, and purchase goods and services.